Whether you've just sold your place and need to buy a new one right away, you're in the last stages of a purchase and are wondering what to do, or you need guidance figuring out what to do once the storm blows over, you can always count on us for support

How is the real estate market going to be impacted by the COVID-19 situation? No one knows for sure but here's a good place to start

If you were already planning on selling your home this spring or if you have experienced changes in your personal circumstances that is necessitating a sale, know that there are some useful things you can be doing to prep your home while in quarantine.

Some are predicting that this current 'medically-induced' slowdown in real estate may provide a real opportunity for first time Buyers to jump into the market and take advantage of possible softer prices before things heat up again.

As we continue through this pandemic, I have this consistent thought running through my head. For many of us, this crisis has forced us to change direction. Some of my friends are on the verge of losing businesses, have lost jobs, investments & loved ones

COVID-19 has definitely changed how we conduct our daily real estate business.  All of our team members are working from home and all meetings are by phone or video. We are focused on how we can adapt our business practices and, in some cases, temporarily