Buying a house is an emotional decision and one of the sure-fire ways for a seller to get top dollar is to capitalize on that emotion. When placing your house on the market, creating this magical feeling for buyers often requires improvements and staging

It is remarkable that the pandemic has proven to be the major driver of one of the strongest real estate markets ever seen in Canada. Hot housing trends continue to be double-digit price gains, suburbs and a fully recovered (and sizzling) condo market

One consistent goal that we have on our Team is to be of immense value to our clients by offering reliable and valuable advice and services.  One such service is providing a comparative market analysis of your home.

While people living in the GTA have seen double-digit home price growth in recent years, the market overall appears to be calming. But just when you thought the pandemic-fueled housing madness may have come to an end, experts predict more price increases

Winter weather is fast approaching! Use this handy checklist when swapping spring/summer clothes for warm fall/winter clothes. Plan to donate winter items NOW, since most organizations don't have storage space to hold out-of-season clothes.