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Tired of struggling with your paper clutter? Here's a sure-fire way to clear your paper clutter. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and say goodbye to the stress and all those papers you don't need!

Time to get rid of all those old tax returns and documents cluttering up your home. Simply stop by with your documents and a professional shredding company will be there to shred your private documents into indiscernible bits of paper, at NO COST.

Number of sales and new listings substantially lower than last year directly impacted by higher borrowing costs. Home sales in November were down 49% since last year.

As home sales continue to decrease every month, Many homebuyers and sellers are waiting and watching for the market to steady before making any decisions. However, opportunities exist and there are still lots of people buying homes

Just like stocks, RRSP's or any other type of investments, it's a good idea to know where you stand. To help with this, we offer our clients an annual comparative market analysis of their home as a way of helping them keep an eye on their best asset.

Over half of us receive unwanted gifts and the reality is that most of our homes are already overcrowded with clutter. The thought of adding more layers of stuff on top of it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some great gift ideas that are clutter free.

Gifts are like people.They come in all shapes and sizes and you like some more than others. You'll be less likely to overspend if you've set some boundaries or expectations in advance. Here are some examples

GTA home sales in October were down 49% since last year. The market continues to adapt to a higher borrowing cost environment. But, how does the ongoing lack of inventory affect current home prices?

Financial incentives now available to Ontarians when you improve your home's efficiency with smart thermostats, new windows and air sealing just to name a few of the eligible options when greening your home.

GTA home sales in September were down 44% since last year. However, prices were up 0.7% from last month. Will October be the peak of the fall real estate market?

If you want your home to look different than it does and to be free of clutter but you can't seem to take any action, there is undoubtedly an emotional underpinning. Clutter is an emotional issue and often connects with our deepest fears and sadness.

GTA home sales were down 34.2% from last year, showing a lesser annual decline than seen in the last 4 months. Sales represented a higher share of new listings. Could this indicate some support for home sale prices?

How do rising interest rates affect homeowners, especially if you are thinking of selling in the next year or two? The activity of buyers plays an important role in the real estate market and the biggest factor affecting our market right now is

Our relationship with our things can be complex and choosing which items to let go of can be arduous. How do you decide what stays and what goes? What makes something clutter to you? These questions will help you to determine what's clutter and what's not

Rapidly increasing mortgage rates continue to lead to more balance in the market. GTA home sales in July were down 47% from last year, while annual price growth moderates, and buyers benefit from greater choice.

With mortgage rates continuing to rise, buyers are taking advantage of greater selection, less competition and stabilizing prices. Home sales down 41% compared to last year.

With mortgage rates increasing steadily this year and expected to continue to grow, many sellers are unsure of whether they should sell or hold, and what to expect as we move towards a more balanced market.

Thinking about putting your home up for sale? Before you do, there are a number of home improvement projects that you should consider taking on first. Here are some questions to ask when determining whether or not it makes sense to install new carpeting

It's "spring market" yet GTA home sales in May were down 39% from last year and prices up almost 10%. Here's what's happening in today's evolving market.

Buying a house is an emotional decision and one of the sure-fire ways for a seller to get top dollar is to capitalize on that emotion. When placing your house on the market, creating this magical feeling for buyers often requires improvements and staging

In recent weeks, we have seen a slight decline in home prices throughout parts of the GTA as buyers are feeling less urgency while also worrying about rising interest rates. Houses that two months ago might have been getting 10 offers are

With higher borrowing costs and buyers moving to the sidelines to reposition themselves in a higher rate environment, the GTA housing market continues its adjustment with transaction numbers down.

With Mother's Day weekend just around the corner, take a look at this great list of ideas we're prepared of things to do in Markham. Mom is sure to enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day!

The "sanity" is a market that is coming back to reality where we see signs of "market relief" with more listings coming to market and fewer multiple-offer scenarios. There's still really strong demand but the calm people have been hoping for has arrived

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