The use of sensationalized headlines and the reporting of only a sliver of the story can be misleading. What they failed to mention is that...Click to read more.

A year ago we were in the depths of one of the craziest times in Toronto real estate with prices soaring and very little inventory. The "balanced" market we have now seems foreign to many people but this is the market that we have operated in for years

As we move further into spring and summer, growth in sales and selling prices is expected to pick up relative to last year.There's no question that prospective buyers are still coming to terms with the psychological impact of the Fair Housing

NEW mortgage rules taking effect this January 2018 will impact anyone thinking of buying a property as a primary residence as well as any investors who are thinking of using a Home Line of Credit to help finance a purchase. Read more

The Bank of Canada kept its trend-setting Bank Rate at 1.25 per cent on January 17th, 2012. This marks the 11th consecutive policy meeting in which borrowing costs have been left unchanged.

2010 rings in various household trends that reflect the current economic situation and the desire to live within our means. Preserving the environment is also popular as people continue to purchase eco-friendly products and materials.