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May 2021 sets new record in with average selling price but slower than usual with number of sales. So too new listings have experienced a dip setting new competition amongst buyers.

John and Renee Procenko were recently featured on the cover of Top Agent Magazine for their outstanding achievements in real estate. They are leaders of The Procenko Group, a boutique-style real estate team of highly experienced agents and administrators.

According to the Capital Lending Centre, a mortgage stress test is a way of determining exactly how much you can afford (and under what circumstances). If your income was reduced or you lost your job, could you still afford to make mortgage payments?

April 2021 Sets New Record. GTA home sales more than quadrupled compared to April last year being the first full month of the pandemic. However there was a 12.7 per cent decline in sales month-over-month.

It's easy to focus your time and money on the wrong home improvements. While every home, neighbourhood and real estate market is different, there are some improvements that are rarely worth it.

No slowing down with record sales for third straight month of 2021 with buyers taken advantage of favourable borrowing conditions. In comparison, we must remember the initial impact of COVID during the same month last year.

While anything has the potential to become clutter, think twice about buying the following items, which can quickly overrun your home.

Homebuyers in the GTA better prepare to spend more than they ever have before as the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board reports the average selling price to be over $1 million.

Demand for downtown Toronto condos came roaring back to life this January with sales up more than 87% over January 2020! This is a new window of opportunity for buyers to grab a Toronto condo before the prices climb again

Homebuyers in the GTA better prepare to spend more than they ever have before as the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board predicts that the average selling price for homes in the area will top $1 million for the first time later this year

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No one knew what the year would bring with COVID-19, however despite these trying times, the real estate economy finished impressively. Highlights from 2020 include record breaking reports.

Want to cut back on holiday gift-giving? Or at the very least, be mindful of not adding more clutter to yours or someone else's home? Here are some helpful tips on cutting costs and clutter this holiday season.

This November's home sales increased by a whopping 24.3% compared to November 2019. Primarily, this growth was in large part due to annual single family homes.

Surplus in condo apartment inventory has caused pressure on the average sales prices. Prices have been flat to lowering the last several months.

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Toronto Regional Real Estate Board reported 10,563 sales in October 2020 - a new record. This is a 25.1 per cent increase from October 2019. For all home types, the average selling price in October 2020 was $968,318 -- up by 13.7 per cent year-over-year.

The exurbs of Toronto, districts that go beyond the suburbs, are seeing an explosion in growth as a tidal wave of Toronto residents leave their downtown condos in search of more space and greater affordability.

New condo apartment listings are reaching new highs, which is causing pressure on the average sales prices. Prices have been flat the last several months.

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board reporte 11,083 sales in September - new record. This is a 42.3 per cent increase from September 2019. For all home types, the average selling price in September was $960,772 -- up by 14 per cent year-over-year.

You've had it with clutter.  Maybe you want to move and don't want to take most of your stuff with you, or you just want to live a simpler life.  Either way, you've decided that now is the time to start letting go of your stuff. Not so fast...

Average prices in August reached $951,404, surpassing the previous average of $792,134 back in August 2019. Detached home prices in Toronto increased by 19.9% to $1.172 million.

One-bedroom condo Apartment prices are currently quite flat week to week. There is just enough demand for condo apartments to match the current supply. This may be the right time to get into Toronto's condo market.

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